Signe Wallerich-Neils


In-Person Therapy

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Finding peace and strength amid chaos can feel overwhelming. When you need compassion, guidance, and perspective with the complexities of life, I am here to support you.

As a Family and Marriage Therapist, I serve age ranges from children to adult, and work with individuals, couples, and families. I understand that relationships, both intimate and otherwise, look different for everyone and I support clients from all lifestyles and backgrounds. Please know you are welcome here.

I use a systems approach to therapy. This means we work together and I take an unbiased consideration of all unique aspects of your life to better understand and address your concerns. My personal experiences have allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the impact that mental health issues have on a system. I am committed to not only treating the symptoms, but addressing issues beyond the individual. I often discuss family of origin, societal expectations, socioeconomic status, race, gender and more to explore and understand any connections to your presenting concerns. This approach creates sustainable change that reaches far beyond the duration of therapy.

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, relational issues, trauma, low self worth, or any other distressing symptoms, we will create a therapeutic relationship that fosters honesty, trust and reflection. During our work together, you will develop coping skills and communication tools to assist in navigating your day to day life. You will also deepen your understanding of self, learning about your specific needs and how to meet them in a way that aligns with your values.

Through compassionate collaboration, my goal is to help you discover your strengths and better understand your own behaviors, relationships, and patterns. It is through this work that you begin to build trust within yourself.

Lasting change is possible, and you don’t have to take the first step alone. I look forward to helping you in your journey of growth!


Washington State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist # LF61402445


Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
Pacific Lutheran University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Washington State University