Danielle Edwards


In-Person Therapy

Online Therapy Options

Are you looking for a space to release the burdens of life? To talk through the anxieties or memories that weigh you down? I am committed to holding space for each and every one of my clients and empowering you to flourish into the most authentic you.
I believe that life is filled with patterns which come together to create a story. We can get placed in fixed roles or storylines that leave us feeling stuck. My goal is to meet you where you’re at, work at your pace, and support you in rewriting your own story.
In the therapy office, I’ll pull from narrative and relational lenses. I’ve also completed training in EMDR, which allows us to heal traumatic events in an alternative way to talk therapy. I primarily focus on working with folks experiencing depression, anxiety, and trauma-related diagnoses. I work with individuals, couples, and families.

I applaud your courage in taking this step and would be honored to partner with you moving forward.