Career Testing & Assessment

Find your passion with Strong Interest Inventory®

Need career direction?  Struggling with work/life balance?


What can the Strong Interest Inventory® do for you?

The Strong can be a valuable tool in helping you identify your interests, enabling you to:

  • Identify career options consistent with your interests
  • Choose appropriate education and training relevant to your interests
  • Achieve satisfaction in your work
  • Maintain balance between your work and leisure activities
  • Understand aspects of your personality most closely associated with your interests
  • Determine your preferred learning environments
  • Learn about your preferences for leadership, risk taking, and teamwork
  • Decide on a focus for the future
  • Direct your own career exploration at various stages in your life


After scheduling an appointment, you’ll be provided detailed instructions on how to complete the online Strong Interest Inventory career assessment. Once you have obtained these instructions, click the button on the left to access to this powerful online assessment tool.

The price is $100 for the Strong Interest Inventory assessment followed by an appointment with your counselor to evaluate the results. Our 50-minute session will include your detailed report of the Strong Interest Inventory career assessment and the opportunity to review your unique results with a professional counselor.