Jose Torres-Oyama


Too often we are exposed to images in the media of what therapy is and this can sometimes influence how we feel about therapy. For some, the idea of therapy can seem foreign. Whether it is personal beliefs surrounding therapy or part of the background you may have been raised in, I am here to say hesitation is normal. 

My background is in couples and family therapy as well as community mental health. I have a passion for working with couples and individuals experiencing a myriad of difficult life circumstances either within themselves or within their unique family system. I enjoy working with people experiencing issues related to communication, relationships, intimacy, infidelity, sex, anxiety, trauma, depression, and adjusting to significant life changes. 

My initial priority is to make sure clients feel safe and comfortable. I do this by working to build a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients, an essential part of the therapy process. Once a solid relationship is established, the work can begin.

I practice therapy with the following tenets in mind: 1) People have an innate resilience and strength that may be hard for them to see at times; 2) People are shaped by their unique experiences and over time, they develop a narrative shaped by these experiences; and 3) It is important for individuals, couples, and families to be able to express emotions with themselves and with those around them in ways that are conducive to growing, while being respectful of each person’s experiences. 

As a therapist, I seek to help people harness their strength and resilience by examining their lived experiences and exploring how these lived experiences influence their emotions and communication. All this leads to a client feeling more confident in making changes needed to build their desired future. 

It is a privilege to help people on their journey toward living their best lives and therapy can provide great long-term benefits to those willing to give it a try. Life happens and I would be honored to help you navigate through complex life circumstances you may be faced with.


Washington State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #LF61228291


Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
Pacific Lutheran University, 2019
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
University of Puget Sound, 2016

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