Janet Nelson


Engaging in therapy is a courageous act of hope.

Some part of you, no matter how small, believes that life can be better. The confusion or pain has just become too much. You’re making the decision to reach out for help, with the hope that life can be different. I believe this hope is a powerful force for transformation. Together we can discover a life filled with more joy, clarity, meaning, and resilience.

Maybe you’re feeling uneasy with life, which shows up as a vague feeling of dissatisfaction or confusion. Perhaps you are experiencing deep sadness, stressful life transitions, or loss. You may find yourself caught up in the waves of an emotional storm. Or, you feel shut down and unable to express or even identify your emotions, creating distance and tension in your relationships. In the midst of it all, you want to know that you can break free from the grip of anxiety, sadness, or past trauma. You want to feel seen and understood. You could really use some hope.

Therapeutic Approach

My approach to psychotherapy follows a Psychodynamic, Relational model. Relational therapy emphasizes that the driving force in our lives is toward relationships and the source of much of our grief and shame are feelings of isolation and loneliness. The way we function in the world is often shaped by past experiences of relationship, which at times have been destructive, painful, or negligent. Understanding your story and the ways in which it impacts your life today serves as an avenue of healing and wholeness.

I believe that the bond we build together has the potential to bring about growth and change, as you learn to connect more deeply to yourself and others.

My work is also informed by Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, and Interpersonal Neurobiology (brain science). I am also trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. I find that these therapies integrate beautifully with a relational approach. If you feel that you would like to incorporate learning specific skills for coping with anxiety or emotional dysregulation, I will happily work with you toward that goal.

About Me

I have always been infinitely curious about the particularity of our stories as human beings. How are our personalities formed? What motivates us? What gives our life meaning? I graduated with a BA in Psychology from Western Washington University, and a bit later in life, I received my MA in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. I have enjoyed years of experience working together with my clients to experience not just symptom relief, but true flourishing.

One of my greatest joys is engaging in lively conversation over lovingly prepared food. I am passionate about the city of Tacoma and feel incredibly grateful to live in the wild and gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Dogs are my weakness and a good British detective mystery often serves as my self-care.


Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor #LH61254746


Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology


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