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Nic Howe, MA, LMHCA

My goal in therapy is to help you live more fully into who God has created you to be. I believe that every human being bears a glory and a beauty that they should embrace. Often our lives are full of brokenness, pain, and darkness, choking off the truth of who we really are.

My aim is to help you grow in understanding your story, the darkness and the beauty. I believe that by inviting you to sit together in those moments of deep pain and darkness in your journey we can start to understand our lives and begin to heal and move into imagining new chapters. This means my approach to therapy involves a relational model with emphasis on the narrative of your life with its themes and patterns as well as the attachment style you learned from your childhood. Using this as a framework, I seek to help my clients grow in awareness of their internal world which I believe frees us up to live fully alive, able to connect with our emotions, our friends, family, and God in healthy and new ways.


New Client Forms

Please download and complete the following forms (release of information is optional) before your first appointment.  This helps speed up the process so you have more time for your appointment and less time filling out forms.  Don’t worry, they only take a few minutes to complete!